Judi Mesman

(see also www.judimesman.nl)

Judi Mesman is full professor of the Interdisciplinary Study of Societal Challenges (CV), a shared chair at both the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and the Faculty of Social Sciences at Leiden University. She received her PhD in 2000 at Erasmus University Rotterdam and did her postdoc at the Centre for Child and Family Studies at Leiden University. It was there that she developed a research program focusing on the role of culture and gender in parent-child interactions across the globe, resulting in the foundation of the Diversity in Parenting Lab, which has now evolved into the Societal Challenges Lab.


Prof. Mesman’s research explores socialization processes across the lifespan in cultural, socioeconomic, institutional, and political context, and their influence on how children and adults view themselves, others, and their roles in society as citizens. Standardized observational methods constitute the core of prof. Mesman’s research work, and she is an expert coder of a multitude of socialization processes developed over the years through coding video materials of more than 1,000 cases from around the globe in a variety of settings.Prof. Mesman has obtained about 8 million euros worth of competitive research grants and has won two teaching awards. She is active in outreach both at the academic community level, for example with Athena’s Angels, and at the local community level in The Hague, providing a variety of workshops for ethnic minority parents and children.See also Judi Mesman's ResearchGate profile, and Leiden University Staff Page.

Rosanneke Emmen

Rosanneke Emmen obtained her PhD in the Diversity in Parenting Lab in 2014 with her thesis “Positive Parenting in Ethnic Minority Families: Challenges and Outcomes”. She is currently working as a postdoc on the ORA-funded project “Risky beginnings” examining maternal and paternal risk in relation to parenting and children’s cognitive development in the first years of life. She is a trained coder of parental sensitivity and is trained in the VIPP-SD parenting intervention program. 



Marleen Groeneveld

Marleen Groeneveld obtained her PhD in 2010 with a study on quality in home-based childcare, and won the ISED thesis award. She then became a postdoc in the ERC-funded project “Boys will be boys?”, supervising four PhD students. She became assistant professor in 2012 at the Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University  and is working on integrating her expertise on professional childcare and gendered adult-child interactions into a new line of research. She is also an expert coder of sensitivity,  discipline, and gender talk, and is also trained in the VIPP-SD parenting intervention program.