Sheila van Berkel


 Sheila van Berkel, obtained her PhD at the center for Child and Families Studies at Leiden University with a thesis on direct and indirect effects of siblings on child socio-emotional development. Currently she works as a post-doctoral researcher at the center for Child and Family Studies at Leiden University. She is involved in several studies of the research cluster Child maltreatment. With these studies she investigates differences between maltreating and non-maltreating parents to explore risk factors and processes that lead to maltreatment, with a specific focus on parental stress regulation, improving effectiveness of decisions concerning out-of-home-placements, one of the first studies on child maltreatment in Vietnam, which includes a cross-cultural comparison with the situation in the Netherlands, and the third National Prevalence studies of Maltreatment of youth in the Netherlands (NPM-2017). In addition, she collaborates with the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs in the Dutch Homicide Monitor a study on fatal violence in the Netherlands.