November 25, 2019

Discussion about gender and ethnic stereotypes in school books at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Panel members include Judi Mesman, Daudi van Veen, Sunny Bergman, Miguel Heilbron and others.  See HERE for more  information (in Dutch).

June 2019

Breakfast at the Cobra museum with a session discussing visions of the city through the eyes of three generations. Judi Mesman will talk about children's points of view. Read more... (in Dutch)

April 2019

NEMO Kennislink Live about gender: man of vrouw, roze of blauw. Judi Mesman and Geertje Mak talk about the origins and maintenance of gender roles.  Read more HERE (in Dutch).

February 2019

Finissage of the exposition 'Een ontembare kracht' at the  Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. Judi Mesman presents the findings of her study on children's drawings about the future. 

February 2019

The Leiden Loves Science event at the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden. What makes Judi Mesman tick as a scientist? How did her interest in studying parenting across cultures develop?

October 2018

Judi Mesman speaker at the KNAW symposium about the first 1000 days of child development, 1 October 2018. Read more HERE (in Dutch).

September 2018

Judi Mesman and Gustaaf Peek kick off the Me, Asian?! event series at Leiden University College, aimed at finding out what it means to be Asian in The Hague.  Read more...



June 18, 2018

Inaugural lecture Judi Mesman marking the official acceptance of her professor chair ‘The interdisciplinary study of societal challenges’. Location: Academy Building Leiden University (event in English).


March 2018

Annie Romein Verschoor Lecture  

On International Womensday, the yearly Annie Romein Verschoor lecture was organized. Minister Jet Bussemaker and journalist Lanyae Aharouay were the speakers on this evening. Read more... (in dutch)


March 7, 2018

Interdisciplinary Networking Event aimed at postdocs and assistant/associate professors working for Leiden University. The main goal of this event was to create connections between different scientific disciplines in order to more effectively study the four big social challenges (diversity, prosperity, peace & justice, & sustainability)

February 19, 2018

Launch event of the first research program Equal Opportunities for Diverse Youth developed by the consortium ‘Youth Development, Parenting, and Education’ as part of the National Science Agenda, chaired by the leaders of the consortium, Judi Mesman and Monique Volman (event in Dutch).